There are a lot of reasons why people love taking kratom. Because of this, people are getting more and more creative on ways to enjoy their kratom dose. Though a high-quality kratom powder is the most vital thing to guarantee a pleasant experience, every single individual can improve their experience with the help of kratom accessories.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some recommendations for the most convenient, useful, and best kratom accessories. With these accessories, you will be able to improve your kratom experience, especially if you purchase them from the Kratom Connection.  

Measuring Spoons  

Without a doubt, digital scales are the ideal method to measure your kratom dose. However, you aren’t limited to that option. If you want an easy-and-quick rough estimate, you should consider the traditional measuring spoons you use in your kitchen. They provide an adequate alternative.  

There are guidelines you have to remember if you use measuring spoons for your dose of kratom. Measuring spoons of kratom powder roughly translates to various weights. This depends on the strain. 

  • 1 tbsp. is equivalent to around 6.2g to 7.0g 
  • 1 tsp. is equivalent to around 2g to 2.3g 

Keep in mind that these measurements refer to leveled tsp. and tbsp. of kratom powder.  

Digital Scale 

If you’re going to ask an old-time user of kratom, they will tell you that it’s crucial to have accurate dosing. For those who don’t know, too much or too little can totally change your experience since kratom is a dosage-dependent substance.  

A digital scale is one of the ideal kratom accessories to have when it comes to precise measurements. A high-quality scale will enable you to accurately measure your dose. This offers a precise and consistent amount you require to guarantee an enjoyable experience.  

Since there are a lot of various digital scales out there, we’re going to share with you some things you need to consider when buying one. Whenever you are looking for digital scales, you’ve got to consider these things: 

  • It should have an adequate surface area to support the container you use to weigh the dose.  
  • It should have a tare feature to zero-out the weight. 
  • It should be able to measure at least tenths of a gram. 

Kratom Capsule Filling Machine 

If you’re a regular user of kratom, you know that the convenience and ease of high-quality capsules are unmatched. However, the additional cost of kratom capsules can add up over time. Because of this, you should try DIY kratom capsules.  

There are a couple of Kratom Capsule Filling Machines out there. This helps you make your own kratom capsules. It’s affordable, convenient, and fast. All you require is empty kratom capsules, your favorite kratom powder, and a couple of hours to produce ideal kratom capsules.  

Empty Teabags 

One of the ways to enjoy kratom is to make a cup of tea. Unfortunately, it’s a bit time-consuming to strain the kratom powder first before you can enjoy your tea. Luckily, if you add your dose of kratom powder to an empty tea bag, you can lower the cleanup phase and pre-measure your dose of kratom